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Armed Services

The IFRW has always felt a commitment to our men and women serving in uniform and to our veterans.

It is our honor and duty to support those who have put their lives on the line to preserve the freedoms we as Americans often take for granted. We can never thank them or their families enough, or show them too much gratitude for their service and sacrifice.


The IFRW Armed Services Committee oversees the Federation’s efforts to support our troops and provides information, resources and program suggestions to clubs.

The committee’s mission includes: 

  • Identifying, through local clubs, members who are veterans

  • Promoting veterans to run for political offices at all levels with focus on the federal level. We NEED veterans in Congress!

  • Informing local clubs of significant developments within the Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, and military agencies.

  • Serving as an information sharing conduit to local clubs, and fostering project ideas.


Memorial Day

  • Wear a memorial button or red poppy. 

  • Pause at 3PM during the "National Moment of Remembrance." 

  • Display the American flag. Fly it at half-staff until noon. 

  • Visit a national cemetery or memorial, or attend a parade or a religious service. 

  • Consider supporting the surviving families of our fallen dead.


Additional project ideas

  • On Veteran's Day, sponsor a community Veteran's Day parade and carry the  club banner; and then place a wreath with the club logo at the Veteran's Memorial Monument in your community.

  • On Thanksgiving Day, make and deliver food baskets with grocery gift cards along with a greeting card to needy veterans.

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