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Campaign Management School

Learn How to be a Winner!


Spring Into Campaign Mode 2023: Ten-Part Online Campaign School geared to candidates for local school board and county offices.

March 29-May 24, 2023.

Free for IFRW and NFRW Members. 

Details and registration.

IFRW has brought the NFRW's acclaimed Campaign Management School to Illinois in the past for comprehensive training and instruction by top-notch political experts.


When Republican women formed the NFRW in 1938, they adopted political education as one of the fledgling organization's primary objectives. Today, the NFRW effectively pursues this long-time objective by training Republicans to win elections through the highly-successful Campaign Management School (CMS) program.

The CMS program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of campaigns. Schools feature top-notch political professionals and strategists who have a wide range of knowledge and experience. These experts volunteer their time to teach students the most successful ways to raise money, write winning campaign plans, organize volunteers and communicate with voters.

Campaign fundamentals covered include creating a campaign budget and a finance plan, earned and paid media, social media and the Internet, strategy and message development, opposition and issue research, voter targeting and voter identification, get-out-the-vote activities, recruiting and managing volunteers, direct mail, organizing events, asking for money, and putting together a finance committee.

All Republicans -- both women and men -- are welcome to attend. 

Here is what attendees have had to say about the program in the past:

"We all walked out of the training feeling that it was time well spent, that we would attend the class again, and that it was a hugely valuable experience."

“I cannot begin to thank the NFRW and the Las Vegas clubs for hosting the campaign school. It was full of valuable information, great resources and, of course, smart, friendly contacts. I can't wait to apply what I learned at the school to my own campaign.”

"I've taken this class and recommend it to anyone involved in campaigns. Candidate. Volunteer. Staff." 

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