Club President's Timeline

Club Presidents can use the following timeline as a sample guide for club planning and board meetings.


  • Complete and submit the Club Officer’s form to the IFRW president.

  • Make sure your treasurer has collected club members’ dues and submitted them along with the IFRW dues form to the IFRW Treasurer by January 15.

  • Encourage your club to attend the IFRW Spring Conference. There are speakers and networking opportunities for everyone concluding with a Board of Directors meeting.



  • Start encouraging your members to attend Legislative Day held at the Capitol in Springfield.  Check our website for details.   Wear your Red and join IFRW to hear from our legislators and special speakers. 



  • Encourage your club to attend Legislative Day.  Check out our website for details.

  • Make sure each club president and member is aware of your District’s Spring/Fall meeting and encourage everyone to attend.

  • Submit names/bios of club members who have passed away over the past year to the IFRW Chaplain to be remembered at the IFRW Spring Conference. 



  • The official Call for the IFRW Spring Conference will be mailed to Club Presidents this month. It is your responsibility to copy and distribute the Call to your members. Copies will also be available on the IFRW website. Each club President and District President is on the Board of Directors and will need to submit your credentials included in the packet in order to be seated and vote at the Spring Conference. Each club in good standing will also have 2 Delegates (and 2 Alternates) having voting privileges at the Spring Conference. 

  • Prepare your club’s NFRW Club Achievement Award forms and have them submitted to the Achievement Award Chair by the deadline usually in mid-May. Awards are distributed at the NFRW Biennial Convention (in odd-numbered  years).



  • Turn in Club Achievement Award forms to IFRW Achievement Award chair.


  • Remind members to plan for the IFRW Fall Conference.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.



  • Happy Fourth of July!



  • The IFRW assists in the Republican tent at the Illinois State Fair. Be sure to stop by!



  • Make sure each of your club members are aware of the Fall Conference and encourage them to attend.



  • Promote and plan to attend the IFRW Fall Conference.



  • Begin collecting dues to submit to the IFRW Treasurer by January 15.

  • Information will be posted on the website asking clubs for nominations of ladies who are interested in applying for the IFRW Scholarship.



  • The deadline to submit an application for the IFRW Scholarship is due by the 31st.

  • All registration forms, applications, notices and instructions can be found on this IFRW website.  Please notify us if something needs to be updated.  

Thank you for all your hard work!