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Why Join IFRW?


Because we are here to help you make a difference 

in the political and cultural life of our state!


Are you ready to join the fight to take back our country and work to turn Illinois RED?  The Illinois Federation of Republican Women needs you. 

The Illinois Federation of Republican Women is committed to providing the education and information you need to deal with the issues of the day, and the tools to be more effective in the challenges ahead.

IFRW is made up of Republican women in clubs across the State of Illinois who are registered voters.  As a member of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women, you will be part of an active, constructive organization focused on:


  • Sustaining and growing the Republican Party

  • Working for the election of Republican candidates

  • Encouraging, educating, and promoting Republican women to run for elected office

  • Having a real and direct impact on our local communities through service and leadership


IFRW holds two statewide meetings each year in central Illinois:  IFRW Spring Conference and IFRW Fall Conference.   These meetings are designed to bring our members together to share political briefings, educational sessions and valuable networking opportunities to interact with other Republican women from across the state.

So come join us!  Help us work to turn our BLUE state RED!

Find a club in your area

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