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Membership Tips for Local Clubs


  1. Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, and Ask!

  2. Design a colorful club brochure and give it to prospective members.  Make sure it contains a fill-in-the-blank membership form.

  3.  Have a sign-in book for guests attending your meetings.  Later, send each guest a “thank you” note and invite them back to another meeting.

  4. Offer to pick up prospective members and drive them to meetings.

  5. Match up prospective members with club members to tell them about the club.

  6. Plan a club membership-building contest with great prizes.

  7. Have fun meetings!  Keep business to a minimum.

  8. Have club business cards listing meeting dates, time and location.

  9. Follow up with prospective members and encourage them to join.

  10. Give members a club logo name badge to be worn whenever possible.

  11. Get feedback from guests after meetings and use it to make improvements.

  12.  Have a formal, new member induction ceremony.

  13. Make a list of the “best” things about your club.  These are the features and benefits you can share when recruiting new members.

  14. Start your meetings right on time, but end them as early as possible.  People will only sit still and pay attention for a limited amount of time.

  15. Develop a list of potential members and ask several members to contact them.

  16. Have “Guest Night” meetings where each member can bring guests.

  17. Have enough club newsletters to give to potential members.

  18. Have a prize drawing each meeting for members who bring a guest to the meeting.  Give a duplicate prize to the guest if she joins the club.

  19. Have a “Greeter” stationed at the entrance of the meeting to ensure all receive a warm welcome.

  20. Look for ways to get an ad, interview or article in newsletters of schools, hospitals, community organizations and businesses in your area.

If you have questions about membership, contact IFRW Vice President for Membership, Linda Hernandez.  


Stay Informed!  Get Involved Today! 

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