The Illinois State Central Committee*

is the governing board of the




The purpose of the STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE shall be

to establish, organize, and promote the operations

of the Illinois Republican Party.

Bylaws of the Illinois Republican Party


State Central Committee Officials


ChairmanDon Tracy     Co-Chairman:  Mark Shaw

 1st  Congressional District: Shaun Murphy

 2nd Congressional District: Judy Diekelman

 3rd  Congressional District: Sean Morrison

 4th  Congressional District: Jay Reyes

 5th  Congressional District: Jack Dorgan

 6th  Congressional District: Bob Grogan

 7th  Congressional District: Mark Hosty

 8th  Congressional District: Nimish Jani

 9th  Congressional District: Char Foss-Eggmann

10th  Congressional District: Mark Shaw

11th  Congressional District: Roger Claar

12th  Congressional District: Barb Viviano

13th  Congressional District: Avery Bourne

14th  Congressional District: Laura Pollastrini

15th  Congressional District: Chapin Rose

16th  Congressional District: John McGlasson

17th  Congressional District: Jan Weber

18th  Congressional District: Michael Bigger

* The State Central Committee is the Executive Committee of the Illinois Republican Party.