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NFRW Membership Handbook


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Invite * Inform * Involve


Membership is the heartbeat of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women (IFRW)  and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).  

It is an opportunity for women to find their voice and make a difference!  When you become a member of a local club you have a voice in that club, as well as with the state federation and the national federation.  The more members who are recruited, the stronger and louder the voice!

The NFRW Membership Committee updated the NFRW Membership Handbook to aid state and local club membership chairs in achieving successful membership growth. It contains many exciting ideas and new hands-on tools to help build membership.  Invite, Inform, Involve! Every member is part of the membership team!


Continue the legacy! Invite daughters, nieces and granddaughters to become members. Invite friends to become informed on issues and candidates. Become passionate! Working together we can and will make a difference in member recruitment!


We challenge you to build your local club!   Recruit!  Recruit!  Recruit!


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