Member Clubs and their Contact Information

Virtual Club- Land of Lincoln RW



Bloomingdale Republican Women



Bureau County Republican Women

      President Sue Pratt:                   

Carroll County Republican Women

      President Lana Soldat:                              


Chicago Republican Women's Network

      President Kathy Gallanis-Matern:

Crawford County Republican Women


Dekalb County Republican Women


Douglas County Republican Women


Ford County Republican Women         


Iroquois County Republican Women     

         President Susan Wynn Bence                                               

Kankakee County Republican Women

        President Sandi Cianci              

Macon County Republican Women           

         President  Susan Gant-Reynolds                             

Marion County Republican Women


Northern Illinois Republican Women

       President Caritina Mayer:           

Peoria County Republican Women

        President Laura Machetti:         

Republican Women of St. Clair County

       President Barb Viviano:               

Rock Island Republican Women                        

       President Sharon Heinze            

Upper Northwest Republican Women


Vermilion County Republican Women        

        President Norma Truax               

Williamson County Republican Women      

        President  Patti Howard              

York Township Republican Women Organization

        President Hosanna Korynecky:         

Updated: 4-20-21



We are the largest Republican Women's organization in the State of Illinois.  We are an army of Republican Woman that support the Party Platform and work towards growing new Republican leaders at all levels of government.  

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