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Incoming Local Club President Orientation List


IFRW / NFRW Deadlines

  1. Access the IFRW / NFRW Member Center and look for the Deadlines Calendar:

  2. Send the IFRW and NFRW Deadlines Calendar to all club officers. This will help them understand how the NFRW deadlines affect the IFRW State Federation's deadlines and will help them develop club deadlines.

  3. Discuss the NFRW deadlines for membership submissions with your Club Treasurer and Club Membership Chair (if new to the positions).

    1. Have them develop a club calendar with reporting deadlines.

    2. Whenever new club officers are elected or there is an officer change, the new

    3. information should be sent immediately to your state president and state treasurer. The form should include the title, first and last name, address, phone number and e‐ mail of any new officer. **Information for the new club president must also be submitted to NFRW at immediately for access to the club administrative folder.

  4. Pasted below are some important links from the NFRW website to help your officers find the information they will need. All require the user to login to the NFRW website for access:

    1. Club President Resource Center:‐clubpresidents

    2. Club Treasurer Resource Center:‐clubtreasurers

    3. General Resources (Awards Forms, etc.):‐resources

    4. Committee and Issue Resources:‐committees

    5. E‐Publications and Archives:‐archives


Club Website

  1. Ask your website manager to immediately update new officer information.

  2. Ensure all links on the Club website are updated with the correct links to the IFRW and NFRW websites. 



  1. Check the NFRW National and IFRW State Boards pages for contact information.

  2. Club Presidents must update their Club Profile Pages:‐clubpresidents


Club Officers & Chairmanships

  1. Assign chairmanships upon election to allow committee chairs to start their planning for the term immediately. Encourage them to contact their State and National counterparts:‐board

  2. Distribute club and state bylaws, standing rules, reimbursement policies, necessary forms, etc. to all new officers and Chairs. Many times, club and state bylaws define the position and its responsibilities. Don't assume your new officers have this information, even if they have served in other positions.

  3. Work with the previous Executive Board and Chairs to have a smooth transition of positions, especially the transfer of records from one officer to another. Having a CD or flash drive with the documents from the previous term greatly helps the new officer to get working on their responsibilities quickly.


IFRW and NFRW Communications

  1. You will get lots of communications/emails from the IFRW and NFRW, as well as national and local GOP organizations.

    1. Send them on to your Club Board of Directors and members, as appropriate, to help them do their jobs.

    2. This will also help get them involved with the NFRW ‐ one of them might end up being the next Club President!

    3. E‐Publications and Archives:‐archives

  2. Emails from the IFRW Officers and NFRW Committees are great items to send on to your newsletter editor for informative articles. For instance, Membership and Leadership Development Committees have emails throughout the year which make great articles which can be used with very little editing. Check the Archives and Resource pages for previous articles.


IFRW and NFRW Website

1. Bookmark the IFRW and NFRW Homepage on your computer because you will use it constantly as a reference for all you do: Add a link to the IFRW and NFRW website onto your Club website ‐ makes it easier for your members to access.

2.. Register your website account and ensure all Club Officers register theirs as well.

  1. The IFRW and NFRW websites have a huge library of information for you and your officers ‐ leadership booklets; membership books, forms, pre‐formatted brochures; award forms; NFRW master calendar. Make sure your club officers know how valuable a tool it is and refer them to it whenever questions arise.

  2. Give your officers the list of IFRW and NFRW staff and their duties so they can contact the appropriate person for help when needed.

3.   Volunteer to be a member of an NFRW committee. Your attendance at NFRW Board meetings will be enhanced as you meet and work with others. You will have valuable input from your state to help develop the materials and programs that the NFRW adopts to help build and strengthen your clubs and their members.


Thank you for all your hard work!!!

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