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Progressive Income Tax Question to Appear on 2020 Ballot

After the progressive income tax constitutional amendment (SJRCA 1) passed the State Senate back on May 1, 2019, the House took up the measure on Monday. It passed the House with a vote of 73 to 44, meeting a ⅔ majority requirement to be placed on the 2020 statewide ballot in Illinois. 60% of voters in November of next year will need to approve of the question to change our constitution to allow a progressive income tax.

Let me be clear - the Illinois Republican Party will vehemently oppose the progressive income tax with everything we have. I released a statement after the House vote and said:

“It’s disappointing, but not surprising, to see Democrat lawmakers decide that a blank check from Illinois taxpayers is the solution to our financial issues. It’s not surprising because it’s been their agenda for years. Raising taxes yet again and asking for more from the most overtaxed group of people in America is not a solution to our problems, it unfairly punishes taxpayers for problems they did not create. We need to reform the way we do government in Illinois before ever thinking about taking more from our hard working families.”

Several Leftist Bills Being Jammed Through General Assembly

Reproductive Health Act Governor Pritzker could soon have his wish of having the “most progressive state on abortion” in the county. The House passed the RHA on a vote of 64-50-4 on Tuesday with no republican votes. I released a statement right after the vote calling this bill exactly what it is: a late term abortion bill. The 64 democrats who voted for this bill support abortion on demand, for any reason, at any time - funded by taxpayers. Shameful.

“Fix the FOID” Bill

A bill that came about after the tragedy in Aurora was shamelessly hijacked by democrats looking to take away our second amendment rights. It passed the House Wednesday 62-52 with no republican votes. The bill raises fees for FOID cards making it even more expensive and burdensome to exercise our constitutional right. And most egregiously - the bill mandates finger printing for everyone who applies for a FOID card! This is a gross trampling of our civil liberties and hopefully will be struck down by the courts.

Cook County Prison Polling Place

On Thursday, the House passed a bill, 69-45 with no republican votes, to make the Cook County Jail a polling place during election time and not open to anyone other than the inmates. It will be overseen by a “non-partisan” official. Yeah, right.

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