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T H A N K   Y O U !

Sustaining Membership 

Are you interested in playing a greater role at the state level and helping invest in the future of Republican women?

Join as an IFRW Sustaining Member today!


What is a Sustaining Member?

The Sustaining Membership Program provides a unique opportunity (for local clubs and for individuals) to take your IFRW membership to the next level.  This "special sponsorship" program helps IFRW complete its mission by giving direct financial support to the organization year-round.

Mission:  Since its founding in 1943, the Illinois Federation of Republican Women has championed the cause of engaging, educating and empowering women in the political process and providing a forum for women to serve as leaders in the political, government, and civic arenas.


The Sustaining Members Program plays a key role in helping IFRW fulfill its primary mission of bringing more women to the table.

The generous contributions of our Sustaining Members help us accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing operating capital which allows the IFRW to maintain a low general membership rate, making membership affordable to women of all ages and economic backgrounds, and

  • Financially supporting a wide range of IFRW education and training programs, special projects, networking events and other activities that help Republican women stay informed, develop skills and achieve their goals at the grassroots, state and national levels

To become a Sustaining Member or a Sustaining Member Club:  

1)  Send this Sustaining Membership form and your check for $100 payable to IFRW, and

2) Mail to:  Caritina Mayer, IFRW Treasurer, 699 S. Blackhawk Blvd, Rockton, IL  61072




Join Us 

Play a greater role at the state level and help invest in the future of Republican women.

Become a Sustaining Member today!

Thank you for your support!

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