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Bite Size Tools 

"Bite Size Tools You Can Use" are a mini training program that club presidents can use to share with their members.  These short sessions are brought to you by the NFRW Program Committee.


Membership Renewal


Event Planning

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

How to Run a Successful Meeting

Additional Resources


Leadership Development Handbook

Protocol in Politics (ppt format)

NFRW Training Video  for Club Presidents

Candidate Recruitment Seminar

Program Ideas

Officer Training Checklist

The following checklist can be used to train your officers and committee chairs.  

(See below for Mentoring Program information.)

1. Review  (IFRW website).

2. Review (NFRW website). Sign up for individual password in order to be able to access “Members only” information & training.

3. Download Membership Handbook off NFRW website.

4. Download Treasurer information off NFRW website and provide to club president.

5. Review Officer training documents found on IFRW website.

6. Review IFRW by-laws located on IFRW website.

7. Review NFRW membership database training on NFRW website.

8. Review how to submit annual dues to IFRW treasurer.

9. Keep club’s profile updated on NFRW website.

10. Follow IFRW Facebook page. 

11. Review IFRW Twitter (#IFRW) and Instagram accounts.

12. Review Spring Conference held every spring and how to participate.

13. Review Legislative Day and how to participate.

14. Review Scholarship Program and how to participate.

15. Review Illinois State Fair Day and how to participate.

16. Review IFRW conference held every Spring and how to participate. Discuss the process of selecting delegates/alternates. 

17. Review IFRW Achievement Awards and NFRW Achievement Awards. Both forms found respective websites.

18. Review how to submit photographs of club meetings to IFRW.

19. Review how the official Calls and invitations are sent to Club and District presidents to share with their members.

20. Review NFRW Leadership Development Handbook and Resources.

21.Review Literacy/MELP program.

22. Review Caring For America programs.

Optional Opportunity

Club President Mentoring Program

Purpose:  For education and encouragement through a one-on-one relationship.

Method: For those clubs interested in leadership training for Club Presidents, you can contact IFRW for assistance

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