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Leadership Development Handbook

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Club President's Timeline

Bite Size Tools 

"Bite Size Tools You Can Use" are a mini training program that club presidents can use to share with their members.  These short sessions are brought to you by the NFRW Program Committee.


Membership Renewal


Event Planning

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

How to Run a Successful Meeting

Website Resources for Club Presidents

Additional Resources

Protocol in Politics (ppt format)

NFRW Training Video  for Club Presidents

Candidate Recruitment Seminar

Program Ideas

Officer Training Checklist

The following checklist can be used to train your officers and committee chairs.  

(See below for Mentoring Program information.)

1. Review  (IFRW website).

2. Review (NFRW website).

    Sign up for individual password in order to be able to access “Members only” information & training.

3. Download Membership Handbook off NFRW website.

4. Download Treasurer information off NFRW website and provide to club president.

5. Review Officer training documents found on IFRW website.

6. Review IFRW by-laws located on IFRW website.

7. Review NFRW membership database training on NFRW website.

8. Review how to submit annual dues to IFRW treasurer.

9. Keep club’s profile updated on NFRW website.

10. Follow IFRW Facebook page. 

11. Review IFRW Twitter (#IFRW) and Instagram accounts.

12. Review IFRW Spring Conference held every spring and how to participate.

13. Review IFRW Legislative Day and how to participate.

14. Review Illinois State Fair Day and how to participate on Republican Day.

15. Review IFRW Spring Conference and how discuss the process of selecting delegates/alternates. 

16. Review IFRW Achievement Awards and NFRW Achievement Awards. Both forms found respective websites.

17. Review how to submit photographs of club meetings to IFRW Club Spotlight and NFRW Club Spotlight.

18. Review how the official Calls (for board meetings/conventions) and invitations are sent to Club presidents to share with your members.     Local club presidents are IFRW Board Members and attend IFRW Board Meetings.

19. Review NFRW Leadership Development Handbook and Resources.

20.Review Literacy/MELP program.

21. Review Caring For America programs.

Optional Opportunity

Club President Mentoring Program

Purpose:  For education and encouragement through a one-on-one relationship.

Method: For those clubs interested in leadership training for Club Presidents, you can contact IFRW for assistance



In general, a club treasurer's main duties are:

  1. To collect membership dues on behalf of the RW club and to promptly remit membership dues and the club service charge to the Illinois State Federation of Republican Women Treasurer.

  2. To maintain and provide the Illinois State Federation of Republican Women with a current roster of club officer and member names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and other pertinent information sent to the IFRW President and Treasurer.

  3. To serve as the custodian of all general account funds, including promptly dispersing authorized funds and accurately accounting for these funds.



BYLAWS - To receive, consider and draft recommendations in regard to possible changes in Bylaws and Standing Rules.

CAMPAIGN/AMERICANISM - To assist the IFRW and local clubs in the furtherance of our Republican form of government, and the understanding of the U.S. Constitution and American institutions; to be responsible at all IFRW meetings for the Pledge of Allegiance and the proper respect shown the American Flag; to assist the local clubs by training and educating members on Republican principles and how to become involved in the electoral processes; to inform the membership of how to access informational materials for use in promoting Republican ideals and candidates; to devise methods in which activities on the local club level can be coordinated with those of other groups responsible for the campaign. 

MEMBERSHIP - To assist the local clubs in efforts to increase membership; to stimulate and aid in the formation of new clubs and the reactivation of lapsed clubs; to visit as many clubs as possible during the two-year term; to approve applications of new clubs and, after vote of the Executive Committee, to present charters to new clubs. The membership list shall be kept confidential.

LEGISLATION - To be informed on state and national issues and on legislation pending in the Illinois General Assembly and U.S. Congress; and to assemble and distribute information on state and national issues and legislation and make it available to local clubs.


FUNDRAISING - To devise and promote, with the approval of the Executive Committee, ways and means for additional income for the IFRW.

PROGRAM PLANNING - To assist local clubs in planning good programs by assembling pertinent materials and making it available; to assist the President in planning programs for the Board of Directors meetings; to maintain an active list of those qualified and willing to take speaking engagements at local clubs’ meetings.

PUBLICATIONS/PUBLIC RELATIONS - To be responsible for the compilation, editing and printing of IFRW publications; to be responsible for all publicity and press releases for the IFRW; to assist the local clubs to have good publicity and public relations; to promote good public relations for the IFRW, not only through the usual media such as newspapers, radio and television, but also through every larger aspect, including social media channels; to stimulate other members of the Executive Committee and local clubs to understand and use the larger aspects of public relations.



ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: To prepare and distribute the annual state Achievement Awards questionnaire; to evaluate the returns and make recommendations to the Executive Committee; and to present the awards at a designated meeting of the Board of Directors. 

BUDGET and FINANCE: To assist the Treasurer in preparing and presenting a budget to the Executive Committee at the beginning of each calendar year; and to keep a record of the budget to assure that expenditures do not exceed revenues.

Membership Tips for Local Clubs

  1. Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, and Ask!

  2. Design a colorful club brochure and give it to prospective members.  Make sure it contains a fill-in-the-blank membership form.

  3.  Have a sign-in book for guests attending your meetings.  Later, send each guest a “thank you” note and invite them back to another meeting.

  4. Offer to pick up prospective members and drive them to meetings.

  5. Match up prospective members with club members to tell them about the club.

  6. Plan a club membership-building contest with great prizes.

  7. Have fun meetings!  Keep business to a minimum.

  8. Have club business cards listing meeting dates, time and location.

  9. Follow up with prospective members and encourage them to join.

  10. Give members a club logo name badge to be worn whenever possible.

  11. Get feedback from guests after meetings and use it to make improvements.

  12.  Have a formal, new member induction ceremony.

  13. Make a list of the “best” things about your club.  These are the features and benefits you can share when recruiting new members.

  14. Start your meetings right on time, but end them as early as possible.  People will only sit still and pay attention for a limited amount of time.

  15. Develop a list of potential members and ask several members to contact them.

  16. Have “Guest Night” meetings where each member can bring guests.

  17. Have enough club newsletters to give to potential members.

  18. Have a prize drawing each meeting for members who bring a guest to the meeting.  Give a duplicate prize to the guest if she joins the club.

  19. Have a “Greeter” stationed at the entrance of the meeting to ensure all receive a warm welcome.

  20. Look for ways to get an ad, interview or article in newsletters of schools, hospitals, community organizations and businesses in your area.

If you have questions about membership, contact IFRW Vice President for Membership, Linda Hernandez.  

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