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Youth Outreach


                                                                         Angela Shippert, Chair

Young Republican Women are an important part of the membership of IFRW.  Engaging young women to become members in our local clubs serves to expand the legacy of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women.

This section is created to serve as a guide for presidents and executive committee members to expand their membership to include younger conservative women.

The National Federation of Republican Women has published a tool for State Federations and local club presidents to recruit more young women to the IFRW.  Click here for the Youth Outreach Guide.

It is our hope that the information in this section will serve as a tool to increase membership with a new targeted audience.  With your help in implementing these ideas to your club, we can encourage and promote a multi-generational organization, creating long-term stability in the membership of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women.

Click HERE for a Youth Outreach powerpoint training.

If you have questions or comments, please contact:

Angela Shippert, IFRW Youth Outreach Chair

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